Sustainable design is the link between architecture and engineering. It contains all the principles that guide architects and engineers how to minimise the environmental impact of a building project.

Design starts with analysis of the local climate to investigate its potential and to examine possible passive design strategies that might be applied on the building. Passive design, also known as bio-climatic design, can have a significant contribution to the energy balance, but will only get us so far. Therefore, active systems are needed in order to achieve thermal and visual comfort for the occupants. We then focus on the optimisation of  those systems by keeping a balance between energy efficiency and cost.

Our capabilities include:

- Climate Analysis
- Passive Design Guidance
- Solar Exposure and Shading Design
- Facade Engineering and Condensation Analysis
- Dynamic Thermal Simulation and Thermal Comfort Studies
- Daylight Calculations
- Energy Efficiency and Water Conservation Strategy
- Building Performance Analysis to demonstrate compliance