The practice undertakes works in the fields of architectural design, building restoration, interior design and decoration from the planning phase throughout to completion, including tasks of budgetary control and project management.

We consider the alternations in the scale of each project from a small object, to space, to building, to residential complex as an enjoyable exercise which always obeys the same rules: functionality, environmental awareness and respect for both built or unbuilt environs, bioclimatic principals, and the assumptions that natural light, orientation and the final choice of materials play decisive role to in order to provide the end user a unique experience and point of view. 

We are no dogmatic to specific forms, we enjoy the process of transformation / translation clients’ desires into three dimensional space, while project unique relation to its specific location and the changes occur through time are reflected in our work.

Our design products come to life with the underline principal that architectural projects are made to stay in our environment throughout time disregarding “fashionable” but short leaved decorative moves.

Our aim is to design honest and beautiful buildings free from unnecessary ornamental elements.